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Wedding applications for your smartphone or tablet

There is a number of wedding applications for your smartphone or tablet to help you organize your big day. Here we showcase some of them (the best!) that our couples love to use. From collecting photos, to planning, keeping notes and sharing your big day, the following apps are a great extra help for your wedding in Rhodes!

Appy Couple


Appy Couple lets you compile all the information about your wedding, including photos, the story of how you met, the proposal story, events associated with the wedding, hotel information for guests, the bridal party, and way more into one app. Appy Couple is available on iPad, iPhone, Android, and the web.



Wedit comes in with a twist on a traditional idea. Instead of using a videographer to capture your wedding video, Wedit will send you 5 HD cameras, you put them in the hands of your guests and they capture everything. The cameras are then sent back to Wedit and the fun begins. They’ll edit the footage and share your video everywhere, with your friends and family!



We bet you already love Pinterest! You will adore Lover.ly! Lover.ly is different from Pinterest in that, instead of pulling user-generated content, all of the images on Lover.ly are sourced from the top wedding bloggers on the web, and categorized by vendor, model name, and item (such as ring, dress, shoes, etc.). From there, the basic premise stays mostly the same. Users can “love” items, which saves them in a Loved folder in your profile, or “bundle” items, which is the equivalent of posting to a certain board. Lover.ly is a great go to place for huge inspiration for your wedding!



WedPics is a mobile app that lets guests snap pictures and add cool filters (Instagram-style) at the wedding. The pictures then go into a unified wedding album for later perusal by the happy couple and/or their beloved guests.

But this wedding application for your smartphone doesn’t pull from just one of our favorite photo sharing services, but two. The app has a Pinterest-esque structure to it, displaying images in that same half-drop grid format we’ve grown so accustomed to. Users have the option to “love” various images as well as comment on them.


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