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Is a wedding in Rhodes right for you? Top tips by RWP!


Getting married in Rhodes, combines your special day with a great holiday opportunity!

With nearly over 300 days of sunshine per year, you’re guaranteed that the weather will be on your side, the food fresh and scrumptious, the sea side locations romantic; everything makes your decision to get married in Rhodes a great choice. Whether you opt for a civil ceremony, a tailor made ceremony by a wedding celebrant or any other type of ceremony, you know that you have the freedom to design your ceremony in Rhodes, as you wish. Your special day becomes a special week, or more, and you along with your guests enjoy a unique holiday abroad.

 Trust a local wedding planner.

It might not sound very romantic, but you cannot afford to deal with the legal requirements and logistics of your destination wedding in Rhodes. A Rhodes wedding planner will handle everything for you, give you a great insight coming from experience and local knowledge. Sometimes a less attractive venue might be a better idea if you insist on a wedding in August, the hottest month of the year or maybe the transport at one venue is better than the venue you like taking into consideration where you will be staying. That and even more, will be discussed with and arranged by your planner.

Plan an inspection trip if possible or else, Skype is your friend.

Having the security of a wedding planner, it is a good idea if you can plan ahead and visit Rhodes beforehand. If that is not a possibility, then you can have Skype meetings with your wedding planner, who will take you through your options, chosen venues, menus and other procedures. You should feel like you know exactly what to expect, this will also help you feel more relaxed about your choice.

Look into a few options before deciding.

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, boasting huge coastlines loaded with beach wedding locations and venues, hundreds of chapels scattered around the villages of the island, great historically important sites like the Medieval Town of Rhodes or Kallithea Spa, lush valleys and many more. So think twice before deciding to go for a busy ceremony venue, there are many alternatives.


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