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Getting married in Rhodes – Wedding requirements


Documents & Legal Requirements for getting married in Rhodes

Boring, but essential and necessary. A complete guide by RWP.

It is advisable for the wedding couple to book a minimum stay of one week in resort and that they travel back home at least 2 to 3 days after the wedding ceremony, so as to allow enough time for the marriage certificate to be issued. The Town hall retains all the original documents, as official
records of your marriage. So, make sure you obtain certified copies of the original documents where possible. Below you will find all the requirements and documents needed for getting married in Rhodes.

Documents required from the U.K.
(Any person, born outside the UK must liaise with their Town hall in their home town and adhere to their laws with regards to the documents required for an overseas wedding.)
• One full certified copy of the original Birth Certificate each (stating your parent’s names). A Certified Copy of the full original birth certificate must be obtained from your local Town Hall.
• One no impediment to marriage Certificate each
[FORM 268] (One in each name)
These documents are granted for two British subjects to marry overseas. These are issued from your local Town Hall. They must be dated within 3 months of the marriage date. Please note: on these documents -in Box No: 7 –it asks: „District and Country in which the marriage is to be solemnized‟.
It must state the are in Rhodes where the wedding ceremony will take place. Ask your wedding planner in Rhodes for this information. Remember that these documents may take up to one month to be issued.

Other cases
• If Divorced –An original Decree absolute (Carrying a red or black sealed court stamp) Where one of the parties is divorced or their marriage has been annulled. In this case documentary evidence is required. Once the divorce or annulment has been made final, the court issuing
the proceedings will release a decree absolute, the court retains the original documents and a certified copy is issued to one of the two parties. Further „certified copies‟ can be obtained from the court, in person or in writing.
• If widowed –Death Certificate and previous marriage certificate
Original documentation is required.
• Deed Poll Certificate (Name change)
If a name has been changed by deed poll, written proof must be obtained, the document must state: the full name and address of the Solicitor and the practice and the signature of the Solicitor or from the court authority or recognized notary who issued the document. If previously married
and have reverted back to your maiden name, this constitutes a name change and therefore proof is required in the form of a deed poll or an affidavit. This document must be stamped and signed by a solicitor and must be on a letter headed paper or have a compliment/business slip attached.
• Adoption Certificate
If adopted –an adoptive birth certificate is issued. This document does not state the maiden name of the adoptive mother (it is not asked for on the document) but it is a legal requirement for the Registrar’s records in Greece, so a further document will be completed in resort, called: „A Declaration Form‟ there is a charge for this approximately 25.00 Euros -payable locally to the Registrar at the briefing.
• 10-year Passport
All names on the Passports/Birth Certificates/Certificate of No Impediment, should all match.
The Bride travels under her maiden name for both journeys to coincide with her passport.
• If less than 18 years old
A certified letter of consent from either parents or legal guardians, confirmed by a solicitor is required if either party is less than 18 years old.

When you have obtained all your original documents, you must send them to be legalized at the address stated below [not your passports]. Once received, this means they are stamped, permitting you to leave the UK and be able to use them overseas. It is advisable when posting the documents
to use „Registered Post‟, so you can keep a record of their movements within the postal system.

The documents must be sent with a covering letter, stating which country you are travelling to, your travel date and a contact telephone number. The cost is approximately 28.00 pounds per document; send the payment the same time as you send the documents. Payment can be made by a check or a postal order to a Foreign & Commonwealth Office. This process may take up to 2 weeks.

The address is:
The Legalisation Office
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Norfolk House (West)
437 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes

Once the documents have been returned to you, you should number each one i.e.: 1 to 10 etc and fax them to your wedding planner in Rhodes, add a covering letter stating how many documents have been faxed and write for the attention of the Wedding Department.
Your wedding planner will then check that you have everything required and that all of the documents are in order.

You will then be contacted so you can send the originals directly to your wedding planner’s office (this must be by registered post) so we can pass them on to the translator who will make the translations and stamp the documents.

Now you’ve done all this, you can just enjoy your special day with your friends and family!



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